Zaiftrade-com Postponed The Launch From Its Token

The exchange said it will postpone the launch of its Zaiftrade platform token on the spot market. The reason is that current market conditions are not ideal, and the trading platform wants the token to be launched in an environment where holders can profit and the overall market condition is positive.

The exchange says that support for the Zaiftrade token is very encouraging, and millions of tokens have been distributed in trading drops to hundreds and thousands of users over the past few months. Therefore, so that user confidence is not upset by the low market, the exchange has decided to postpone the listing.

Market conditions are not ideal

Noting that bear markets are not easy to navigate and that the company has rejected such market conditions in the past, said it looks forward to listing ZMT on its spot exchange soon, as it remains a “top priority.”

“While we are ready to list ZMT, current market conditions are not ideal, and we want to place the token in an environment that will give it the best chance to reward you, its holders. For such an important launch, timing is as important as any other factor,” said in a statement.

The exchange added that millions of ZMT coins have been given to existing and new users to trade over the past few months, and the response has been encouraging. Traders are betting on ZMT and benefiting from its core features, such as commission discounts and cashback on withdrawals, it said.

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