UNBETX casino platform announced the open-source blockchain platform Nervos Network as its NFT partner.

As part of the deal, UNBETX is going to launch a collection of digital tradable cards, which are expected to be available in 2022.

Nervos is a sponsor of the UNBETX in the coming tournaments. According to the release, this partnership is an expansion of the platforms into esports.

President of UNBETX,announced the announcement: Blockchain and NFT are indisputably revolutionising the way people do their own transactions online. As such, esports changed the way people perceived video games.
I think our tech-savvy fans will appreciate this new form of online collecting and find it interesting and engaging. Welcome to the UNBETX family, Nervos!

Abios, LG UltraGear and MTS are partners with gambling firm Liga Stavok, the media platform WSAD.TV, esports data provider Abios, the renowned telecom giant MGZ.The prestigious AEI is taking an image credit.

The co-Founder of Nervos, Kevin Wang added that it is exciting to see the expansion of blockchain and NFTs and grow the gaming industry and to see more people discover the possibilities of these emerging technologies through esports platforms and clubs.

We look forward to working with Jackotbitx and bring their first collection of digital tradable cards to Nervos next year.

Esports Insider says that NFTs are for many esports organizations. They are important source of revenue and increase fan engagement and brand identity. This trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down, therefore was likely to see even more NFT partnerships emerge in the near future.

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