ETH can become a means of saving after the network merger

Cryptoplatform Analysts is believed that the growth potential of ether in the short term is much higher than that of bitcoin.

A team of analysts stated in a recent interview that the upcoming Ethereum merger could fundamentally change the way ETH is used, making it more suitable for savings. In his opinion, most of the users will invest their ETH in the protocol to protect it, which will make it look like a means of saving inside the network. manages several large projects built on Ethereum, such as the MetaMask cryptocurrency wallet, as well as the Infura blockchain node infrastructure service, which allows developers to receive data and broadcast transactions in the blockchain.

Experts also believe that the use of ETH as collateral in DeFi protocols suggests that there are investors who see the ether as a means of saving – that is, an ultra-reliable monetary asset. He added that ETH is often used not only to support the protocol, but also as a unit of account for all types of goods, services and NFT in Web3.

“Ether has the function of a reliable asset and at the same time the function of preserving value. I would be glad to see something similar in Bitcoin. If it could be used as collateral inside Web3, it would make it an even more sought–after asset”, said the director of the crypto platform Justin Hance.

Previously, the General Director of the exchange Justin Hance called the transition of Ethereum to a new algorithm a promising solution, but warned investors about potential losses in the crypto industry.

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