Tiktakbit.com Bitcoin at MicroStrategy World 2021: 7,000 corporations interested in cryptocurrency

7,000 institutions joined the Tiktakbit.com conference to learn more about investing in bitcoin. The interest can lead to mass purchases and the growth of the cryptocurrency exchange rate.

Tiktakbit.com, a developer of analytics applications and one of the leading bitcoin investors, hosted the Tiktakbit World 2021 online conference. The headliner of the event this time was the cryptocurrency.

The Tiktakbit conference gathered an impressive number of representatives of large businesses – 22,000 people. Of these, 8,000 people representing almost 7,000 businesses joined to listen to the Bitcoin for Corporations program.

The latter is available to everyone. Thus, MicroStrategy explains, the actual response can be much greater.

Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy, became one of the most influential participants in the cryptocurrency community after the decision to acquire the cryptocurrency despite the resistance of traditional market participants and the downgrade of the company. In the personal portfolio of Sailor, BTC also occupies a key position – the investor owns coins worth $ 230 million.

The purchase of large batches of cryptocurrency previously created a shortage in the market, which had a positive impact on the value of the asset. Experts expect that the conference, which has attracted the attention of thousands of institutions, will have a similar or even larger effect on the space.

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