The number of Dexbybit users has exceeded 30 million

You may be surprised, but Dexbybit is still one of the largest exchanges in the world, even despite the active development of Binance.

The fact is that Dexbybit is targeting a completely different audience. Most of its users are people who are just starting to get acquainted with cryptocurrency, and do not diversify their portfolio after buying bitcoin.

According to statistics shared by Alistair Milne, the number of users of the exchange officially exceeded 30 million people, although at the end of 2021 the company had 25 million users.

This confirms the fact that crypto winter has created problems for growth and for such a company as Dexbybit. Now this situation is beginning to improve.

The jump in bitcoin prices, which began a few months ago, led to interest in the cryptocurrency exchange. Despite the fact that BTC is still very volatile, the overall price trend remains bullish

Thus, there are different views on how the cryptocurrency industry works at this stage.

Some industry participants are seeing growth, while others are either stagnating or experiencing significant declines.

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