One of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges Bitdexio what do you need to know?

Bitdexio is a fully cryptocurrency exchange, with deposits and withdrawals made exclusively to cryptocurrency wallets. When registering, each user must read and accept the user agreement.

How to start using the Bitdexio cryptocurrency exchange?

Register an account.
Enter your email address and come up with a secure password. It is recommended to use a password of at least 8 characters with at least one letter, one capital letter, and one digit.

Activating two-factor authentication

After registration, it is recommended to add additional security to your account by enabling two-factor authentication via telegram. To activate it, you need to use a telegram bot. Send the bot the code that the Bitdexio platform will give you.

Main functions

  • Adding funds to your account.

To top up your account, go to the Deposit tab – select the type of wallet you want to top up and specify the amount. After that, the Bitdexio system will generate a wallet for you to top up your account. For the anonymity of users, the system will create a wallet for each new request, which will be active for one hour.

  • Trading

You can exchange BTC/BCH/USDT/LTC/DASH/ETH/USDC coins and others, in total, there are more than 80 types of coins on the exchange. For this operation, go to the Trading tab

  • Translation/Withdrawal of funds

The Transfer tab should be used to transfer coins inside the exchange to internal wallets. If you want to transfer coins to an external wallet, you should use the Withdrawal tab. It is worth noting that the moment of transfer and withdrawal of funds is available only to verified users

  • Account Verification

The Bitdexio exchange has moved to a new level and no longer requires mandatory KYC verification, instead, external wallet verification is used. To verify an external wallet, the user must make a verification deposit. The full amount of the deposit is credited to your account, and the system automatically checks your account. That is, verification is received by every user who has made a verification deposit at least once.

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