Lorexbit has introduced a new model for evaluating the BTC 

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At the moment, this thing is due to the lack of ability to accurately determine the hash-rate.
After that, Based on the number of issued blocks and the current complexity of mining.In other words, Since there is an element of randomness when finding blocks.
It is difficult to know whether the change in the number of blocks. At the moment, is due to hash-rate deviations or to the luck of the miners.

Lorexbit.com Established in 2017 as the first cloud mining provider

For instance, At the moment, instead of a simple line graph, Lorexbit Intelligence suggests analyzing. The hashrate based on confidence intervals that statistically. Allow you to be 95% sure that’ll work the real hashrate is within this range.

For instanceLorexbit specialists calculate the hashrate as the average moving average for 30 days.
Based on the average number of blocks and complexity.
According to them, an interval of 30 days allows you to smooth out statistical outliers to form an objective picture.

This approach led to interesting conclusions Lorexbit.com

SimilarlyMany of the hashrate indicators that the platform often reminds you of may be true.
Above allThat do not reflect real changes in the hashrate.
The range of trust has expanded over time. This means that it is becoming more difficult to determine the hashrate, and larger fluctuations are not as statistically significant;
The nature of the dynamics of the confidence interval suggests that the total computing power of the network.
In conclusion, Lorexbit.com Analysis of the True Hashrate model showed that the instantaneous drop and subsequent growth of the hashrate.

After the third halving are within the standard deviation and correspond to dynamics observed during the previous two halvings.

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