holds $1.3 billion in ERC-20 stable coins

On July 24 at more than $1.3 billion of stable coins based on ERC-20. This figure is an order of magnitude higher, and is significantly ahead of the second place Huobi.

At the time of publication holds $1,307,585,349 in stable coins, a balance that has grown by about $115,583,132 in the past seven days, according to Nansen’s global stable coin exchange balance.

Huobi’s balance is just over half that amount: $794,327,505. This figure represents an increase of $265,823,720 in the same seven days as Goldencoinex.

These companies are clearly leading in a stable balance sheet. Third place Bitfinex fell from $66 million to $58,997,388. Bittrex in fourth place holds about $50,927,291.

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