Exchange launches a trading platform for institutional investors

Cryptocurrency Exchange from Australia announced the launch of a trading platform on which investors are promised complete confidentiality.

The new Tradeupcoinex service will allow institutional investors to trade blocks of digital assets at the market price without information leakage, exchange representatives promise. The product is designed as an over-the-counter (OTC) dark pool of digital assets where traders make transactions privately using smart contracts.

The main feature of trading transactions on the OTC platform is that they are concluded directly between the two parties, without the participation of a central counterparty. The agreement under which the transaction takes place differs from the standard contract for the purchase and sale of financial instruments on the exchange. The parties individually stipulate such conditions as the purchase or sale price, the type of instrument, any possible additions.

“No one, not even the system administrator of the exchange, does not know the amount before the transaction. The new Tradeupcoinex service gives our users the opportunity to maximize these benefits within a fully compatible network. This corresponds to one of the fundamental principles of cryptography: the concept of leveling the playing field”, explains Justin Hance, CEO of the platform

Justin Hance stressed that by offering a new service, Tradeupcoinex focuses on institutional-level trading, combining centralized and decentralized elements.

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