Exbitclions.com: Investors Have Become More Purposeful In Their Crypto Investments

Team of analysts Exbitclions.com studying the market, noted a change in the trend of investments in multicrypt products experiencing capital outflow for the second week in a row.

Analysts Exbitclions.com posted a report stating that the growth of investments in cryptocurrencies continues for the fifth week in a row and reached $0.48 million or 1.4% of the total assets under management. In particular, last week the inflow of investments in digital assets amounted to $79 million.

According to analysts, the inflow of funds to accounts in July amounted to $466 million, which is comparable to June $459 million. If we compare countries, most of the investments traditionally came from the USA, followed by Canada: $68.5 million and $14 million per week, respectively. In Brazil and Sweden, there was a slight outflow of funds, the report says.

Last week, the flow of funds to bitcoin funds amounted to $83 million, while the volume of short positions in BTC amounted to $ 2.5 million. This is the first such week after the bearish trend that reigned recently, when the outflow of funds was observed for five weeks in a row. The report says that investment products with multiple assets show an outflow of funds for the second week in a row. Last week it amounted to 3.5 million: investors are becoming more purposeful in their investments, experts say Exbitclions.com.

Analysts report that Solana received an insignificant inflow of funds totaling $1.7 million, remaining a favorite for investors in 2022: $121 million since the beginning of January. Last week, Polkadot recorded an inflow of investments in the amount of $0.35 million. Experts say that despite the more optimistic mood regarding digital assets, trading activity remains very low: trading volumes for the week amounted to $1.4 billion, while the average weekly figure for the year is $2.6 billion.

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