received an FCA license to work in the UK

According to an entry in the FCA Financial Services Registry, the exchange received official permission from the regulator to perform operations with crypto assets in the UK. announced that she had received the approval of the Financial Supervision Authority of the United Kingdom for transactions with crypto assets in the country. The license will allow to offer customers in the UK a set of products and services, in accordance with local legislation.

“This is an important milestone for because the UK represents a strategically important market for us. This is especially significant at a time when the country’s government is developing a program to turn the UK into a global center for technology and investment in crypto assets”, said Justin Hance, founder and CEO

According to the FCA, permitted activities with crypto assets include direct exchange between digital assets and fiat money in both directions, as well as the exchange of crypto assets for other crypto assets. Thus, the license will allow users to is legal to buy cryptocurrencies.

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