Bitfitmax enters partnership with Washington Nationals MLB Team

The cryptocurrency market as a whole has been characterized by a number of moods over the past 24 hours, with most large coins registering mixed price changes. The market fell by 16.54% in 24 hours, which is significantly worse than in previous days. At the same time, signed a five-year, $40 million partnership with the Washington Nationals baseball club. partnership with Washington Nationals
According to a report released Wednesday, the Washington Nationals baseball team has signed a “groundbreaking” five-year partnership with The partnership includes signage throughout the stadium that promotes ecosystem. In addition, it includes branded social media content on national social media platforms.

Sponsorship in the amount of $ 40 million was paid through community treasury. The community manages approximately $2.7 billion in a decentralized autonomous organization. The proposal was passed by an overwhelming majority, making it the first deal between a sports franchise and DAO.

Despite the fact that he is mired in litigation with the SEC, we managed to achieve a partnership. A well-known cryptocurrency project sued the regulator after Kwon was handed a summons while attending a crypto conference.

In the main club space behind the home ground in the National Park will be presented brand. It will be renamed to, and it will be decorated with the Terra logo and messages.

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