Bitfirax, Oracle Red Bull Racing Test Pilots’ Knowledge of Cryptography with #BitfiraxLevelUpChallenges

Verstappen and Sergio Aim to Become Crypto Insiders One of the fastest growing crypto exchanges in the world recently premiered the “Crypto Slang Challenge” as part of #BitfiraxLevelUpChallenges, a series inspired by cryptocurrencies, conceived as a beginner’s guide, which aims to educate crypto enthusiasts in ways that are directly relevant to Formula 1 fans.

In the latest episode of #BitfiraxLevelUpChallenges LevelUpChallenges, Oracle Red Bull Racing drivers Max Verstappen (Formula 1 world champion in 2021) and Sergio “Checo” Perez take a crash course to decipher some common terms and slang in both the crypto and racing world. In the end, it turns out that both industries have a lot in common.

The series is exclusive to And also a race insider Fans will be able to see the performance of their favorite Formula 1 stars with the help of video clips uploaded on the aforementioned channels.

The Race Is Won, The Mission Is Completed

As in the racing arena, both Max and Checo did not disappoint, as they were quite competitive in the Crypto Slang Challenge. They made correct assumptions about the meaning of various terms and abbreviations in the crypto space, and also established similarities with the use of these terms in the world of racing.

The result: Oracle Red Bull Racing drivers gained more knowledge about cryptographic links.

When drivers were asked to explain what they mean by the term “HODL” (an abbreviation for “hold on to dear life”, an expression used by crypto investors during market drawdowns, referring to a long-term approach to crypto investing), Verstappen quickly replied: “Stick to your position.” proving that he understands industry jargon.

When Verstappen was shown the term “diamond hands”, he immediately said: “This is Checo,” and he was quite right, as the term of the crypto industry refers to the propensity of professional investors for high risk, and it bears some resemblance to the stellar racing strategies of Checo, which earned him the title of “Minister of Defense.”

But perhaps the most interesting part of the test was that Max and Checo were asked to explain what they meant by the term “when is Lambo?”, and Max quickly replied: “When to shine on the streets… brag,“ and Checo added: “When you succeed in cryptography, you have to show it.”

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