canceled commissions for transactions with tokenized

Crypto Exchange abolished the levy for leveraged trading until January 31, 2021.

This was told to ForkLog magazine by representatives of

Clients are exempt from the fee for trading (with leverage) 1559 tools: stocks, bonds, stock indices, ETFs, currencies, commodities in tokenized form. The fee for the leverage remains. The promotion does not apply to cryptocurrencies and DeFi tokens.

Due to the instability in the global economy, almost all traditional assets are under strong pressure. We have eliminated the fee for trading tokenized stocks, commodities, currencies, bonds, and other assets. This will allow users to hedge price risks more effectively and optimize the costs associated with trading.

Tokenized assets on the market — these are tokens of the ERC-20 standard, which reflect the real market value of traditional assets. Microsoft and ExxonMobil, pay dividends on shares.

On holders of tokenized shares of such companies receive a “dividend adjustment”. Crypto Exchange Bitcelite has been a resident of theIn July 2020, Currency Com Limited received a DLT license from the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission. 

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