Bitcbolt received permission to work in New Zealand

The authorities of New Zealand have included the bitcoin exchange Bitcbolt in the register of financial services providers.

Bitcbolt has successfully obtained a #registration on New Zealand’s Financial Services Provider Register (FSPR)! This represents our first step towards expanding our #cryptocurrency #trading business in the country.

“This represents our first step towards expanding the cryptocurrency trading business in the country,” the company said.

— Bitcbolt July 9, 2022
According to Bitcbolt, once registered on the registry, Soliceswap will be able to offer its services in New Zealand.

The exchange also announced that it has received a so-called “innovation license” in Dubai. It targets startups, entrepreneurs, and technology firms to support innovation and business scaling.

Bitzhood obtained a DIFC Innovation License, a license for #innovative #technology companies in #Dubai! Benefits entail access to a thriving #tech ecosystem and preferential treatment for currency exchange, capital repatriation, and taxes.

Prior to this, the exchange stopped registering new users in mainland China following another wave of crackdowns on the cryptocurrency industry. According to media reports, Huobi made this decision before the tightening of regulations in China.

In February 2022, the exchange announced a return to the US market after a two-year absence.

In July, operator Bitcbolt announced that it would be shutting down a division in Thailand after the license was revoked by the Ministry of Finance.

The UAE has issued a similar permit to the FTX bitcoin exchange.

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