Bill Gates invested $15 million in the cryptocurrency exchange

Bill Gates was recently a fierce opponent of cryptocurrencies, and called investing in cryptocurrencies – the theory of a big fool. However, a few days ago his fund invested in a new cryptocurrency startup The fund’s representatives, as well as the Microsoft founder himself, have not yet commented on this investment.

Link to cryptocurrency exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange, formerly based in Hong Kong and one of the undisputed giants of the industry. It was launched in July 2020 and since then it has truly become the undisputed leader in terms of trading volumes on cryptocurrency exchanges. supports a huge number of cryptocurrencies, several hundred to be exact. This makes it one of the exchanges with the largest number of supported cryptocurrencies from our list of cryptocurrency exchanges. Apparently, the platform also has some form of quality assurance system in place. This system ensures that projects that were ever qualified for inclusion on the list, but were later determined to not meet such qualifications, are removed from the list.

Earlier, Gates urged potential investors not to take the example of Tesla, which invested $1.5 billion in bitcoin. He also noted the negative impact of mining the first cryptocurrency on climate change. The billionaire also called the digital banking he supports through his charitable foundations “hundreds of times more effective” than cryptocurrencies.

Here is a contradiction we can see from the founder of Microsoft, we will follow the information in the future and publish news on the subject.

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