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Owned by Direx and licensed by Curacao gambling authority, Betxly casino is an online gambling casino site that offers various casino games and slots to the players and comes with a long list of benefits that are not seen in most online casinos. This detailed Betxly review will give readers a clear insight into one of the world’s top online casinos. The live casino Betxly has a Loyalty program/VIP program that is segregated into tiers/ levels.

Betxly is an online live casino where the users are required to deposit funds in cryptocurrencies such as BTC, Litecoin, Ethereum, BCH, and other altcoins. The online casino platform is accessible from most of the nations around the world, with a few exceptions that include Nigeria and India. There are various payment methods (and payment options) supported by the live casino that also provides a welcome bonus for every new player based on specific criteria.

Key Information of Betxly

  • Betxly is an online casino and a gambling platform where any player can bet with cryptocurrency.
  • In addition to the support of multiple crypto assets, Betxly also has a long list of games and bonuses that it brings to the table.
  • The platform has an exemplary user interface that is easy to navigate and friendly even for beginners unfamiliar with the Betxly.
  • The casino games include the traditional with digital versions such as Blackjack, Poker, etc., apart from the slot games.
  • Deposit and withdrawal methods are strategically intertwined with the Betxly and the wagering requirements do seem manageable in regards to using the bonuses allotted by these methods.
  • After going through every review, we believe every Betxly Reviews are positive and the players of the platform seem satisfied with the offerings of the betting system. Every player review seems legit and trustworthy.
  • The overall rating of the platform is over 4.7 stars out of a total of 5.
  • Lastly, the platform also has comp points and these comp points can be used to redeem perks from the platform, which can directly or indirectly enhance the experience of playing and collecting comp points.

Registration Process for Betxly

Getting started with the platform is very simple and the interested players can quickly sign up at Betxly. Account creation at Betxly is super easy! While setting up their account, players must enter their name, email, and the password. New users can select from a range of crypto assets that are supported on the platform. It is essential to remember from this Betxly review that the withdrawals would have to be through the same deposit payment method. Thus, the users are advised to pay close attention to the methods they select during the first setup with the Betxly.

Restricted Countries

Despite being a licensed gambling platform under the authority of Curacao, the casino is unable to serve users from every nation, country, or region. The list of restricted countries where this casino is not available includes the Nigeria, Russion, India, Ukraine. The complete list of supported countries is still huge even if some of the biggest potential markets for the platform are not able to use it as of now, albeit the availability might change in the future as new regulations come out and new laws are passed.

Betxly is accessible in Australia but not in the local region of New South Wales, which isn’t ideal. Still, the regulations add to the already tricky mix of operations for a casino. Canada is not included in restricted countries so the players from Canada can freely indulge in the games at Betxly.

Does Betxly Accept Bitcoin?

Being a gambling platform that only deals with cryptocurrency, Betxly supports various crypto assets. The gambling site is easy to review as it does support Bitcoin for playing the casino games that it offers and also popular among other bitcoin casino sites. Betxly isn’t the only cryptocurrency supported by the casino and other accepted cryptocurrencies include Litecoin, ETH, BCH, BTC, SOL, XRP, BNB. Players are notified that the usage of Bitcoin might imply that the withdrawals can also happen through Bitcoin and not with any currency of their choice.

Betxly Games

Betxly brings various games to the table for the players. These games culminate in different online/ digital games and the digital variants of the conventional and popular live casino games. The casino and live games are offered by a variety of providers based from all over the world and serve as a medium for the customers to play.

Jackpot slots are, by far, the most popular and widespread of all Bitcoin jackpots.

In fact, nearly every single Bitcoin casino offers at least one version of this highly-rewarding casino game, often more. The only exceptions tend to be casino Dapps or highly-specialized casinos (such as Primedice) that don’t have slot machines at all.

These popular games are, for the most part, thrilling experiences due to their extremely volatile nature. They don’t pay out regularly, but when they do, they can break the bank.

Jackpot slots come in two different flavors: fixed jackpots and progressive jackpots.

  1. Fixed jackpots are special prizes with lower odds and higher payouts than a regular win. 
  2. Before you can trigger them, you often have to complete a specific task, such as collecting jackpot symbols or finishing a bonus round. 
  3. Although we call them fixed jackpots, their value often depends on the size of your bet. Higher stakes will trigger higher jackpots.
  4. Progressive jackpots are also special prizes, although their value is always changing.
  5. Every time a player places a bet on the game and doesn’t win the jackpot, part of the stake goes into the prize pool.
  6. Consequently, the progressive jackpot increases with every spin. Since this applies to all players from all casinos offering the game, the jackpot can be astronomical.

Roulette Jackpots

Ever placed and won a straight-up single number bet at a Bitcoin roulette? If so, you must be familiar with the unparalleled thrill that comes from such an unlikely win.

Now, imagine paring that with a big, juicy Bitcoin jackpot. It sounds like a match made in heaven, doesn’t it?

Roulette jackpots that you can play with Bitcoin are like precious gems: although they are well worth the effort, they can be quite hard to find.

Dice Jackpots

Dice jackpots are another popular type of Bitcoin jackpot available at blockchain casinos.

In fact, these improved dice games are much more predominant at casinos where you can pay with cryptocurrencies than at traditional casinos, possibly due to the popularity of dice games in this niche.

Therefore, the jackpot prizes are almost exclusively in cryptocurrencies, which is a considerable advantage compared with jackpot slots.

It’s also important to note that most dice jackpots are progressive – with each losing bet, the prize pool increases.


Dice jackpots often reward players for hitting sequences of rolls with the lucky number seven – a favorite number of many online gamblers.

Although the games play out in virtually the same way, not all casinos offering Bitcoin dice games offer the same experience.

CoinFlip game

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Just Flip A Coin is perfect for:

  • Deciding between two choices
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  • Yes or No decisions
  • Deciding who goes first in a game or event
  • Resolving a dispute between two players
  • Determining the winner of a tie
  • An alternative to Rock, Paper, Scissors
  • Deciding which of two movies or shows to watch
  • Teaching children and students the nature of probability
  • Understanding the nature of a 50% percentage chance
  • Deciding picks in fantasy leagues


The Curacao gambling authority licenses the Betxly. This implies that the casino is undoubtedly available in Australia, but not the entire country, as there is one exception that is New South Wales. This might seem odd to some users who are not familiar with the level of intricacy that the platforms might go to in abiding with the local laws and regulations. The ability to play through currency or cryptocurrency on a fully licensed gambling platform is an excellent addition to the already diverse functionality of the platform. Being licensed also adds to the credibility and reliability of the Betxly as it can be held accountable for its operations without an ungodly amount of effort.

Customer Support

The Betxly is believed to have exceptional customer support (customer service). The customer support team can either be reached through the help of an online support, live chat, social media, or other listed channels on the Betxly website. Betxly has shown to have a better customer support team than some of the industry’s largest casinos, and the quick turnaround time for the issues is also relatively short and reasonable. Usually, the revert is sent in online support like 5 minute, and this time duration is generally much shorter, whereas the live chat might be the fastest way.

Our Verdict – Betxly Review

Our team took over 3 months to review Betxly. Our review suggests that it’s a casino that is easy to recommend to users in one of the supported regions and are not looking to invest/withdraw large amounts of funds and wish to create an account quickly. 


Is Betxly Legit?

Yes, Betxly appears to be a legitimate casino. It has been operating for about seven years at this point and is fully licensed by Curacao.

Does Betxly accept PayPal in payment?

Betxly does not accept PayPal, but it does accept various other online payment methods and digital platforms.

Can I Play Betxly games on my Mobile?

Yes, the games at Betxly can be played through a mobile device. However, the casino does not have an app and the players can use the website to play on mobile because the platform has been optimized adequately for cross-device usage.

Is Betxly a Scam?

Being a fully licensed casino (working since 2019) that has positive Betxly Casino Reviews on most third-party sites (from various customers) ensures a good reputation for Betxly, thereby implying that it is not a scam. Users understand the importance of every positive review in gambling. The team behind the live chatting is also very helpful.

Does Betxly offer a fair platform?

The payouts at Betxly are decent and the customers have a real shot at winning the games offered by Betxly. The customer support of the brand also inspires confidence.

Where can I find the Betxly bonus codes?

A bonus code can be possessed by making deposits on the platform. A bonus code is not the same as the 3 free spins that come as a part of the match bonuses and the usage of spins also differs.

How quickly does Betxly payout?

The payout at Betxly can take up to 1 hours. The users must complete their verification before they can be paid out (not applicable to individuals from the United Kingdom).

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