Allexbit as a way to earn?

Experienced investors consider listing cryptocurrencies on the Allexbit exchange as a way to make money. There are several ways to generate income. Let’s consider each of them. 

There are three strategies available to users that can be used to generate income at the listing stage:

⦁ Pre-sale. If an investor participates in the pre-sale of cryptocurrencies, it is possible to get coins at the lowest price before they appear in the listing of the exchange . Only those users who have submitted an application and have been selected in the competition can buy them. The disadvantage of this option is that one private trader is most often given a limited number of tokens.

⦁ Speculation at an early stage. Traders need to be present at the time of listing and monitor liquidity immediately after the appearance of the coin. If it shows strong growth, it is necessary to open an order immediately, and then close after the price increases. But it is difficult to carry out such a transaction manually, since trading bots perform the operation much faster.

⦁ Purchase of currency and long-term storage on the wallet in the hope of a strong growth rate in the future.

The plus of listing is also that there are ways to earn money without investing your own funds. Variants:

Airdrops — free distribution of tokens by developers in order to attract an audience to the object. Only participants who have passed the competitive selection can receive coins.

Bounty — receiving currency as a reward for completing various tasks on the Internet. For example, dissemination of information about the project in social networks, translation of documentation into another language, and so on.

Listing on the trading platform determines the future prospects of the cryptocurrency. An investor who is well versed in this process can get a good income in a short time.


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